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Welcome.  Iím Bobby Brown, and I love showing off this magical city to friends & visitors, gay and straight. Iíve lived in Amsterdam for 19 years and I know the city like very few do.  From itís rich history - finest attractions - outstanding beauty in art and architecture - and itís advanced social attitude on LGBT rights, to it's deepest darkest corners of coffeeshops (weed), prostitution, fetishes and sex parties, I am well attached.  Unlike the canned, Disneyfied, cattle herding you get with the other guys, my tours are real, personal, interactive and most of all fun.


So, how can I be of service?

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Basic Tours


Welcome in Amsterdam


Orientation Tour

Starting your visit with this tour will save you precious vacation time & money. We start in a nice cafe' near your hotel, acquaint you with the city & your hood, and then take a walk to see lots of the best highlights of Amsterdam.

With so much to do, the confusing layout, and different norms and culture, Amsterdam can be a challenge for visitors.  On this tour you will get a brief lesson on history, geography, language and customs which will leave you informed and ready to make the most of your time. Along the way, you will see many famous sights with photo opportunities for days..

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Once-Now-and Future Gays

Gay & Lesbian Tour

Not just for homosexuals anymore, this tour takes you from the dark ages of persecution up to and including the current gay scene. 

Iíll answer all of your questions like - Why were the Dutch the first in the world to recognize same-sex marriage?  Is Amsterdam still the Ďgay capitalí of the world?  What does gay cruising, public sex, Napoleon and the penal code have to do with gay history? What do 18th Century preachers & today's evangelicals have in common? Where is the best place to meet a new friend tonight (and/or get laid)? 

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The Love Boat



Little Boat, Big Fun


The World Heritage Canals of Amsterdam are a must see while youíre here, and there's no better way than with us. 

You can easily take a canal cruise with one of the many Ďrondvaartí (bubble boat) corporations, OR Ė You can drink, eat munchies, smoke a joint, and relax on our little 8 person boat as you ride along some of the most spectacular visual highlights of Amsterdam.  We can go places that the big boats cannot, and I donít bore you with 20 second tid-bits of information in 5 different languages.  Iíll just point out the places of interest and let you ask all the questions you want.

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Custom Tours

M - L - XL - XXL

My Custom Tours are especially helpful for those who want to see it all but only have a day or two (which is impossible to do, of course, but we do our best to suite Your priorities).  You'll start well ahead of your visit by filling in a questionnaire to give us your basic details & desires. With personal consultations via email & Skype, we'll nail down a final plan for your own custom designed tour.

These can last 4 to 6 hours, or all day (& night). In order to be sure we don't wear you out on these long days, we mix in some relaxing refreshment stops on terraces, cafťís and bars, plus plenty of boat cruising through the canals where you just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

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Group Tours

Student groups, and professional special-interest groups can discover tons of Amsterdam attractions, history and information relevant to you study or profession. My tours offer insight, history and perspective while you enjoy the sights & delights in a fun relaxed way.

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Surprise Parties

Stag, Hen, Birthday

Venue & Drag Show


I can also arrange the most memorable Stag, Hen or Birthday Surprise Parties for you and your group.  Iíll arrange the venue, drag queen, tour & drinks.  Then we have a sneaky way to totally surprise your guest of honour and make it an unforgettable night.

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Other Things to do in Amsterdam

Of course, there's lots of things to do and see in Amsterdam besides a Rainboworld Tour.

See our list of of helpful links to other gay amsterdam things here


Our Top recommendations are.....


Take a night tour to some of the nicest and trendier hot spots on the Gay Pub Crawl.  Filled with fun, a cute and entertaining host/guide, and tasty libations.  

For gay souvenirs as well as unique fetish wear, visit the folks at Gays & Gadgets. Friendly hospitable hosts and tons of unique items from queer kitsch to rainbow fashion. Downstairs you'll find cloths and items for all kinds of sexy fun.

"If a man lie with another man, he should be stoned". So, get stoned at the gay friendliest coffeeshop in town, the Bulldog Lounge. A large selection of smokables is available along with space cakes and you can enjoy them along with your refreshments in an extremely laid-back setting.

You can see a replica of the world's first gay bar, Cafe' 't Mandje, in the Amsterdam History Museum, or you can have a beer and make a new friend in the real thing. The spirit of Bet van Beren, legendary lesbian Amsterdammer, still pervades the atmosphere where there's been 'fun and respect since 1927'.

(If the gay scene is not your thing, check out Twisted Tulip Tours for fun unique tours, or Randy Roy's Red Light Tours for a fun & informative look at prostitution in Amsterdam). 

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