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Gay Amsterdam Tour

Gay history - Gay Amsterdam today - Photo opportunities for days


Make your visit to the gay capital of the world complete with this 2 hour walking tour that takes you on a historical journey from gay persecution up to LGBT liberation. Our path takes you through Old Amsterdam, the Red Light District, and some of the current gay hot spots including a drink stop in the world's first gay bar.


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Other Gay Things to do in Amsterdam

Of course, there's lots of things to do and see in Amsterdam besides a Rainboworld Tour.

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Our Top recommendations are.....


Take a night tour to some of the nicest and trendier hot spots on the Gay Pub Crawl.  Filled with fun, a cute and entertaining host/guide, and tasty libations.  

For gay souvenirs as well as unique fetish wear, visit the folks at Gays & Gadgets. Friendly hospitable hosts and tons of unique items from queer kitsch to rainbow fashion. Downstairs you'll find cloths and items for all kinds of sexy fun.

"If a man lie with another man, he should be stoned". So, get stoned at the gay friendliest coffeeshop in town, the Bulldog Lounge. A large selection of smokables is available along with space cakes and you can enjoy them along with your refreshments in an extremely laid-back setting.

You can see a replica of the world's first gay bar, Cafe' 't Mandje, in the Amsterdam History Museum, or you can have a beer and make a new friend in the real thing. The spirit of Bet van Beren, legendary lesbian Amsterdammer, still pervades the atmosphere where there's been 'fun and respect since 1927'.

(If the gay scene is not your thing, check out Twisted Tulip Tours for fun unique tours, or Randy Roy's Red Light Tours for a fun & informative look at prostitution in Amsterdam).